Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Oracle Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Cloud Service - Hands On Lab @ Collaborate 17

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) has gained steam over the past few years and has been instrumental in real-time application monitoring.

APM products have now shifted to the cloud, wherein agents are installed on your local servers and communicate to a central APM cloud service.

Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service provides the ability to monitor applications effectively, with all the advantages of a light-touch, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. It integrates user experience information and server-side application metrics along with in-context application logs, so you can rapidly isolate, triage, and diagnose issues affecting application performance.

Tomorrow, the rockstar team of Ahmed Aboulnaga, Erik Benner, Harold Dost, and Alfredo Krieg have developed various hands-on labs that cover Oracle Management Cloud components that include APM, Log Analytics, and Infrastructure and is available for free for all Collaborate 17 attendees.

Here is a link to the hands-on lab:
Learn how to:
  • Install and configure the cloud agent
  • Monitor application success and failure scenarios
  • Navigate and learn about the various features and capabilities of the Oracle Management Cloud
  • Monitor the cloud agent

Check out some nice screenshots you can expect to see:


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