Sunday, April 2, 2017

"JAXB error occurred during unmarshalling" when starting up Oracle Access Manager 11g


While starting up the Oracle Access Manager 11gr2ps3 (OAM Admin and managed servers, you may receive a JAXB unmarshalling error related to a SAXParseException due to some bad XML:
[2016-10-04T15:57:22.849-05:00] [AdminServer] [ERROR] [] [oracle.idaas.common] [tid: JMX FRAMEWORK Domain Runtime MBeanServer pooling thread] [userId: ] [ecid: 0000LUHV9AQ3FCE5V79Dic1Nx1Ud000003,0] A JAXB error occurred during unmarshalling.[[ A JAXB error occurred during
Caused by: javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException - with linked exception:[org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 81; columnNumber: 41; The element type "lifecycleEnabled" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "".]

In Oracle Support Doc ID 2192012.1, Oracle confirms that there are 5 files that may have bad XML in them, and suggests making corrections to them. These files are:
  • oauth.xml
  • oauth_mbeans.xml
  • system-jazn-data.xml
  • oauth-xxxxxxxxxxxx.xml
  • idass.xml

In our case, these files were both well-formatted and valid. So that was not the issue.


This happened in a cloned environment. In this case, the database was bad.

1. Restore the database to a valid, working version.

  • Oracle Access Manager11g (OAM) Admin and Manage Servers Started With the Error: A JAXB Error Occurred During Unmarshalling (Oracle Support Doc ID 2192012.1)

Applicable Version:
  • Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g (

  • OAuthJailBreak
  • OAuthServiceProfile

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Pretty rare issue, thanks for the solution!