Friday, October 30, 2015

Oracle Open World and Java One 2015

This year I made my second appearance at Oracle Open World. It was also my first opportunity to speak at Open World. The atmosphere was very much the same as it was at the last one I experienced. Tons of marketing, and very little to hold. The exceptions to that were the Sunday User Group Day and Java One. Now I may be a little bias about Sunday since I spoke that day, but other speakers were also more focused on the technical side of things.
To be fair Open World is supposed to be a show of where things are going for all fronts of Oracle related technologies. There were a good number of roadmaps laid out, and the general vision for Oracle moving forward was set forth. Plenty of "cloud" and "Internet of Things (IoT)", I will leave my cloud and IoT rant for another time, but suffice it to say that it finally seemed that Oracle is reaching towards the original meanings of these terms, and while they aren't quite there, they are definitely trying. "Safe Harbor" quote, WebLogic will have support for elastic scaling, end "Safe Harbor" quote. Along with that they are officially supporting WebLogic running inside of Docker. This could be a huge win for those looking to have a more dynamic infrastructure.
Coming back to JavaOne, as I said it is a lot more technical, and by that it seemed to me almost completely technical. As a developer/architect/admin, this was great! For those in the mostly Oracle world think of COLLABORATE, which has a much better blend of technical and marketing/customer stories. The main difference is that it is focused on Java, talking about and showing new features coming in Java, showing the internals of Java, best practices to follow, and performing performance tuning. If I had known the level of information I would have attended more presentations earlier. It was definitely a great benefit.
Overall I enjoyed the experience that I had at Open World and at JavaOne. OpenWorld is something you really only need to attend every few years, JavaOne would definitely be more often and I would say the same of COLLABORATE. However, I want to make one last callout. There's a lovely group of people who for the past number of years have been running an event simultaneous to Oracle Open World called Oaktable World which has a ton of informative presentations. I unfortunately did not have a chance to attend, but maybe next time.

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