Sunday, June 28, 2015

JDeveloper 12c and Updating to OSX 10.10 "Yosemite"

Recently I finally decided to make the jump from OS X 10.9 to 10.10. It's been a while since it was officially released, but I was trying to be careful about upgrading. I am using my MacBook Pro for daily development work with various softwares, so you can never too careful. I had done my due diligence with most, but I forgot one, JDeveloper, for the simple fact that I haven't been using it all that much lately. According to the compatibility matrix on Oracle's website 12.1.3 is not officially supported on 10.10, so had I taken the time to check I would have known. Thankfully I knew there was nothing in the implementations changes of OS X that should affect compatibility.

When I attempted to start up the program I expected zero issues. However, JDeveloper upon starting up, the loading screen progress bar froze, and then it crashed. No messages, or extra windows to give me an idea of the issue.

JDeveloper Splash Screen
I decided to attempt starting it from the command line in case that might provide some sort of insight by running: $ORACLE_HOME/jdeveloper/ Upon running this I was presented with the following error:

Unfortunately this error in itself is a red herring. So after some additional tinkering with verbosity and debug there was nothing of real use.

Thankfully I was able to find something on the Oracle Forum, which provides a very simple solution to what could have been a detrimental problem. There seems to be an issue with how the caching works after upgrading, so all that is required is to remove a caching folder using the following command: rm -r ~/.jdeveloper/system12.

That's it. Try starting it up again, and there should be no issue.


Anonymous said...

thanks you saved my day !

Peter Crew said...

Thanks Harold - had the same problem after the last OSX update, saved me a heap of work.

Trisha said...
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Sandeep Rudra said...
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Sandeep Rudra said...

Thank you Harold.. I was looking for /jdeveloper/system12. under middleware home. Thanks for clearly mentioning the path clearly.

John Barness said...

Thank you for the article.
The one is very useful for me, moreover, for a couple of my colleagues too. The thing is that we had the same issue when working with virtual data room provider which used OSX 10.10.