Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Opening Keynote

The week of Oracle OpenWorld 2014 started out Sunday, September 28th, 2014 in true Oracle fashion. Safra Catz, one of the two newly appointed CEO's of Oracle, who has been with Oracle for 15 years started out the afternoon Keynote by saying that even though he has stepped down as CEO, "Larry Ellison’s vision is more alive today than ever." Then, Catz introduced her friend and fellow industry leader Renee James, and, after the two leading females snagged a quick hug from one another, James took the stage to share her keynote on "The Future of the Data Center in a Software-Defined World."

Renee, President of Intel Corporation, described her excitement of being the "opening act" for Larry Ellison and how this year marks a 20-year partnership between Oracle and Intel. She began her keynote by trying to convey the massive quantities in which data is being used today, and how much data will be being used in the future. She says making sense of all the data is the key to providing meaningful insights into the human condition.

In her keynote, James talked about "Big Bang" of data, private cloud vs. public cloud, the Next Generation firewall, the first Silicon photonics chip, and something called the Nile-o-Meter. She explained that 90% of the data today, was produced in the last 2 years. She described the partnership between Intel and Oracle, and how the two companies are working together to provide value in the areas of private cloud, in many cases exceeding that of the public cloud. Also, she spoke about the future of private and public clouds, saying that it is possible for private clouds to have similar costs to public clouds, and how 47% of workloads are expected to be running in a hybrid mode by 2017. Lastly, she gave the crowd a sneak peak at Intel's new silicon photonics chip, which is able to move data faster than traditional copper over longer distances.

Renee introduced Larry Ellison, donning his new title of Chief Technology Officer and Executive Chairman of the Board at Oracle. Ellison stepped down as CEO in the weeks prior to Oracle OpenWorld 2014. Ellison took the stage and welcomed the OOW 14 attendees. He began the opening keynote by describing 2014 as a turning point for Oracle. He explained that this year, Oracle built a lot of technology for the cloud and gained momentum in the cloud business. Several years ago Oracle realized that they will had no choice but to deliver services at all 3 layers of the cloud. The reason is because of a promise he made to Oracle's customers 30 years ago. A promise that compelled him to deliver Saas, Paas, and Iaas together, and better than the competitor. He explains that Oracle has more applications than anybody, and Oracle's upgrade to platform allows you to move any database to the cloud by pushing a button.

Between swigs from his glass bottle of Coca-Cola, he explained how three decades ago, Oracle customers were wanting to move from minicomputer and mainframe database to the next generation of architecture without re-writing everything. Oracle made a promise to make this easy. Customers expect Oracle to move databases to the next generation without changing a single line of code. Therefore, the big announcement for the day was the "massively" upgraded Oracle Database Platform as a Service. Database is Oracle's largest software business, and Larry confidently declares that database will be by far their largest cloud business. Customers have been waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of lower cost and higher reliability, but they want to move to the cloud gracefully and easily. Oracle allows them to move and modernize. However, Ellison maintained that Oracle is just getting started in the Cloud. Ellison closed the keynote by saying that "there is nothing more important in the modern cloud than securing your data" and delivered another 30 year promise, that discovering and stopping programs with malicious intent is top priority at Oracle.

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