Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Upgrading to Oracle SOA Suite 11g PS6 ( Do this.

Do you need to make any code changes after applying the Oracle SOA Suite 11g PS6 ( patchset?

Yes, this upgrade requires a few code modifications. So search for the following terms in your code to see if you are affected:
  • setProperty
  • out.header.wsse_Security

Issue 1: setProperty function requires strings now

If you are using the setProperty function, you need to force the variable to be a string.

After the patchset, this no longer works:
Instead, force the variable into a string, in this example $ReplyToAddress:

Issue 2: Using out.header in an XSL transform may not work

After the patchset, you can no longer set the outbound security header in an XSL transformation as follows:
select="mhdr:setProperty('out.header.wsse_Security/wsse:Security/wsse:UsernameToken/wsse:Username', $Username)"/>

Move the logic into the Mediator .mplan file instead:
  <copy target="$out.property.endpointURI" value="$in.property.endpointURI"/> 
  <copy target="$out.header.a_ReplyTo/a:ReplyTo/a:Address" value="$in.property.wsa.replyToAddress"/> 
  <copy target="$out.property.replyToAddress" value="$in.property.wsa.replyToAddress"/> 

Applicable Versions:
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g (

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