Saturday, March 5, 2011

Raastech presenting at WMOUG

Ahmed Aboulnaga, Technical Director at Raastech, will be presenting two neat topics at the upcoming Western Michigan Oracle User Group (WMOUG) Spring meeting on March 23, 2011 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
For our Western Michigan colleagues, please join us as it is a great opportunity to network and learn something new.

Working with Oracle Queues - Choosing between AQ and JMS
Queuing technologies are generally used to provide asynchronous messaging across applications. These can be implemented by a Java Message Service (JMS) in Oracle WebLogic, as well as Advanced Queues (AQ) or Oracle JMS (OJMS) in the Oracle Database. Find out why and when you would need to use these, how they are created, the difference between file- and database-persisted queues, which performs better, and the JMS Bridge between AQ and Weblogic JMS queues. The goal of this presentation is to arm you with enough information to make an informed decision when deciding which queue technology to use.

What is Oracle Beehive?

In the past, we had Oracle Collaboration Suite. Now we have Oracle Beehive, a built-from-scratch collaboration platform that combines email, instant messaging, voice mail, calendars, workspaces, web conferencing, and wikis into a single solution. Learn more about Oracle's next generation collaboration software by attending a walk through and demo of key Oracle Beehive features.

For time and location, visit the WMOUG website at:
Hope to see you all there!

Ahmed Aboulnaga

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