Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oracle publishes code developed by IPN Web

Oracle presented the following webinar recently:
Webinar on AIA 2.x (10g) PIP Installation Accelerators - Jan 25 (Tue), 8 am PST

Oracle development team is conducting a webinar on Jan 25 to present new automation scripts for installing/configuring AIA Foundation Pack 2.x and PIPs in clustered environment. These scripts are going to be available in Oracle Technology Network as ‘Sample Code’ (freeware) and will be unsupported by Oracle. AIA implementers are encouraged to use it as an open source property and modify/enhance it as per specific requirements.

Date/Time : Jan 25, 2011 (Tue) - 8 am PST

Live Event URL :|c=936687791

Dial In :
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Passcode: 93415
We are proud to mention that this code was originally designed and developed by Ahmed Aboulnaga, Technical Director at IPN Web.

The solution is labeled as "AIA 2.x Installation Accelerator Scripts", and Ahmed implemented this to reduce the manual installation of an Oracle SOA Suite 10g and Oracle AIA for Communications cluster from 5-8 days of manual labor to under 4 hours (automated).

The code is published freely to the community here:

Ahmed originally designed and developed the approach back in November 2008, which fully automated the installation of a clustered Oracle SOA Suite 10g (10.1.3.x) based on the use of a central property file. The approach was later refined by Ahmed a year later.

In October 2009, IPN Web was sub-contracted to Oracle to provide architectural support of a large Oracle AIA implementation for a telecommunications customer. On that contract, Ahmed further extended his original solution to include the automation of a clustered installation of the AIA Foundation Pack and PIPs.

This code was shared with Oracle, who further modified it and published it as "open source property." IPN Web has a long history of sharing and contributing to the Oracle community, and we are proud to be recognized for our efforts.

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Ahmed Aboulnaga

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