Thursday, May 3, 2018

Getting "Invalid server bam_server1 SSL configuration" when starting up BAM on SSL


All of a sudden, when we shut down and restart "bam_server1", the SSL port no longer works. This is the error that shows up when we start it up:
<Mar 9, 2017 4:49:06 AM GMT> <Critical> <Security> <BEA-090174> <The trust keystore configuration specified on the command line or in does not match the trust keystore configuration specified in config.xml.>  
<Mar 9, 2017 4:49:06 AM GMT> <Alert> <Security> <BEA-090717> <Invalid server bam_server1 SSL configuration>  
<Mar 9, 2017 4:49:06 AM GMT> <Error> <WebLogicServer> <BEA-000297> <Inconsistent security configuration, Invalid server bam_server1 SSL configuration>  
<Mar 9, 2017 4:49:06 AM GMT> <Emergency> <Security> <BEA-090034> <Not listening for SSL, Invalid server bam_server1 SSL configuration.>

1. Check bam_server1.out and note the JVM start parameters. You will notice that they conflict with what you intend.

2. Someone may have made custom SSL settings in this files that conflicted with the configuration we made on the WebLogic Console, so check these files too:

Applicable Versions
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g (


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