Monday, September 11, 2017

"The user account is locked or disabled" when logging in with Oracle Access Manager SSO


When trying to log in with SSO against Oracle Access Manager 11g, you see the error on the screen:

The user account is locked or disabled. Please contact the System Administrator.


Check all the following.

1. OID is down or the password for cn=orcladmin password in OAM needs updating.

2. Confirm that OID is running:
oracle@oamhost1:/home/oracle> ${MW_HOME}/asinst_1/bin/opmnctl status -l
3. Confirm that OAM can connect to OID.

a. Log in to the OAM Console.

b. Navigate to Configuration > User Identity Stores.

c. Edit OIDStore.

d. Click on "Test Connection".

Applicable Versions
  • Oracle Access Manager 11g


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What if the issue is there for a single user?
Local Login with user id and pwd works, but when trying to login via sso same error comes. did an ldapdelete and then ldapadd. Still same issue. Please assist.