Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Recap of Oracle Compute Cloud vs. AWS EC2 at NATCAP-OUG

Last night's NATCAP-OUG meetup was attended by around 20 people, and there was a good lively discussion surrounding the Oracle Compute Cloud vs. Amazon Web Services EC2 presentation.

After a brief overview of IaaS and differences between virtualization and cloud computing, Ahmed Aboulnaga dug right in to his live demo of provisioning an Oracle Compute Cloud instance, setting up public/private keys, and installing the General Purpose Desktop to connect through VNC.

A lot of great discussion took place between the presenter, organizers, and the attendees during the presentation. Some mentioned their issues with the UI and support, while others were happy with overall cost and performance. It's this back-and-forth and sharing of experiences that made the event valuable to all.

Many thanks to NATCAP-OUG for organizing this meetup.

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