Monday, January 2, 2017

Running BSU to patch WebLogic Server

1. Copy the patch to the required directory:
cp /tmp/ $MW_HOME/utils/bsu/cache_dir
cd $MW_HOME/utils/bsu/cache_dir
cd $MW_HOME/utils/bsu
2. Confirm when the last patch update was deployed:
. $WL_HOME/server/bin/

java weblogic.version
3. For example, the output could look something like this
WebLogic Server PSU Patch for BUG23743997 TUE SEP 30 20:43:33 IST 2012
WebLogic Server Tue JAN 15 12:36:25 PST 2011 1441050
4. See the list of applied patches:
./ -view -status=applied -prod_dir=/u01/app/oracle/middleware/wlserver_10.3
5. Apply the patch (replace XIDD with the patchlist id) (the patchlist id is in the readme):
./ -install -patch_download_dir=/u01/app/oracle/middleware/utils/bsu/cache_dir -patchlist=XIDD -prod_dir=/u01/app/oracle/middleware/wlserver_10.3
6. If the patch fails, uninstall the previous patch (replace K25M with the patchlist id), then repeat step #5:
./ -remove -patchlist=K25M -prod_dir=/u01/app/oracle/middleware/wlserver_10.3

Applicable Versions
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g


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