Tuesday, October 11, 2016

OTN Appreciation Day : The Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)

Are you old enough to remember rolling up and rolling down the window in your car?

Are you old enough to remember the time you had to not only wait to develop film, but also wait until you've first taken all 20 pictures in your camera roll?

Are you old enough to remember the sound a modem made when dialing in? And the frustration you felt when someone lifted up the other phone in the house?

Then you're probably old enough to remember life before the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI).  

Back in the late 1990's, Oracle released the Oracle Universal Installer in an attempt to start standardizing the installation process across its many products. Now, you at least have a consistent look-and-feel with an easy to navigate GUI to help in the installation of too many Oracle products to count.

For you young folks out there, that's why it's extremely easy to install a number of Oracle products on your Windows laptops today.

Some cool things about the Oracle Universal Installer:
  • Ability to install and deinstall
  • Globalization and National Language Support (NLS)
  • Support for multiple Oracle Homes
  • The ability to easily create response files for unattended "silent" installations

This blog post was written in support of the OTN Appreciation Day on October 11, 2016, graciously spearheaded by the one and only Tim Hall.