Monday, September 5, 2016

Getting "The SOA debugger is not enabled" when starting up SOA Suite 12c VM


If you've used one of the Oracle SOA Suite 12c pre-built VirtualBox VMs, you may run into this error when starting up the SOA server: 
####<Sep 1, 2016 9:35:44 AM PDT> <Error> <oracle.soa.bpel.system> <> <AdminServer> <[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '12' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'> <<anonymous>> <BEA1-284BB8C5B2E77D9EAAB8> <a0d52a41-3cf7-42ad-b3d3-ee6757d67af6-00000dca> <1472747744786> <BEA-000000> <cube deliveryCannot activate block.
failure to activate the block "BpPrc0" for the instance "30008"; exception reported is: The SOA debugger is not enabled.
This error contained the exceptions thrown by the underlying routing system.
Contact Oracle Support Services.  Provide the error message, the composite source and the exception trace in the log files (with logging level set to debug mode).
, Cikey=30008, FlowId=30004, InvokeMessageGuid=21272c1b-7062-11e6-9fea-0800277d1b86, ComponentDN=default/InsertEmployee!1.0*soa_6c1bde3c-4ccc-4ab7-9bfe-e172d8e90c97/InsertEmpBPEL
java.lang.IllegalStateException: The SOA debugger is not enabled.
at oracle.integration.fabric.debug.server.SOADebugger.getInstance(
at oracle.integration.fabric.debug.server.DebugAgentImpl.getProxy(
at oracle.integration.fabric.debug.server.DebugAgentImpl.enterFrame(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.debugger2.DebugService.pushAndStep(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.debugger2.DebugService.enterFrame(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.ext.bpel.v2.blocks.BPEL2ProcessBlock.activate(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.CubeEngine.invokeMethod(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.CubeEngine._createAndInvoke(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.CubeEngine.createAndInvoke(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.ejb.impl.CubeDeliveryBean.handleInvoke(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.ejb.impl.bpel.BPELDeliveryBean_5k948i_ICubeDeliveryLocalBeanImpl.__WL_invoke(Unknown Source)
at weblogic.ejb.container.internal.SessionLocalMethodInvoker.invoke(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.ejb.impl.bpel.BPELDeliveryBean_5k948i_ICubeDeliveryLocalBeanImpl.handleInvoke(Unknown Source)
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.dispatch.message.invoke.InvokeInstanceMessageHandler.handle(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.dispatch.DispatchHelper.handleMessage(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.dispatch.BaseDispatchTask.process(
at com.collaxa.cube.engine.dispatch.WMExecutor$


1. Restart the VM.

Applicable Versions:
  • Oracle SOA Suite 12c ( VM


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