Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Raastech @ MOUS

Consultants from Raastech will be giving 4 presentations at the upcoming MOUS conference on November 18, 2015.

The Michigan Oracle Users Summit (MOUS) is a 1-day conference held in Livonia, Michigan and takes place once a year. It boasts 300+ attendees and this year there will be 12 Oracle ACEs presenting.

Introduction to R, for Big Data Analytics
Harold Dost III

More and more companies are implementing big data solutions, many with the prospect of someday doing something with the data that is being collected. In this hands-on session, get down to brass tacks beginning with the setup of core tools and a run-through of the R language to get familiar with Oracle R offerings. Begin manipulating data in Oracle R and derive useful statistics from sample data. Learn where this data can be sourced and how results can be displayed into useful graphs. This session is a great way for those new to Oracle R to get a jump-start.

Automated Testing SOA Suite in 12c
Harold Dost III

If you're concerned about small changes having unseen consequences in your system. You want to speed up the testing process, and have the testing process be easily repeatable in your integration processes. Learn how to use the Unit Testing Framework provided within Oracle SOA Suite. Combine it with automated testing tools like Hudson to keep your commits tested continuously. This presentation will show live examples of how to test the various components within Oracle SOA Suite, and act as catalyst for getting your enterprise environment covered with tests to improve confidence in the quality of code functionality.

Developing Web Services from Scratch - For DBAs and Developers
Ahmed Aboulnaga

WSDL. XSD. SOAP. Namespaces. Port types. If these terms make little sense, this presentation is for you. By the end of this presentation, you will completely understand how to dissect and decipher a web service interface, understand key design patterns, and learn how to develop top-down and bottom-up web services in technologies such as Java and Oracle SOA Suite. Want to know how to expose a PL/SQL package as a web service? This technical presentation, one of my most popular, is intended for DBAs and database developers who want to know what it takes to design and create web services.

Learn Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Administration
Arun Reddy

Have you ever used Oracle WebLogic Server? If the answer is no, this presentation is for you. We explain core WebLogic Server concepts and perform a live walkthrough of the console covering core administration areas that include managed servers, JVM servers, JMS resources, logs, data sources, application deployments, and more. Attend this presentation and become a WebLogic Server administrator in under 45 minutes.

Register at: http://mous.us/register.html

For more information: http://mous.us/index.html

For a list of all presentations: http://mous.us/presentations.html

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