Saturday, February 28, 2015

Version Bug in Oracle SOA Suite 11g


So while testing something before moving forward in the production environment we noticed something interesting. When attempting to run something with a version identifier (1.4.1) we saw the instances in the deployment for that version.

​However, we also saw the instances in the (1.4) version identifier. While we haven't verified yet that code in 1.4 ran, as a safety precaution we refrained from moving forward with 1.4.1. Instead we are updating it to 1.5.

At least for the older versions which for example (1.3) there is no back fill into this older version. So we know we can safely use minor version numbers still.


For now my only solution is to sadly stick to using only two versioning indicators (i.e., 1.0 1.5, etc.). Hopefully in future versions this will be fixed so that at least Semantic Versioning will work.

Affected Versions
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g (, and possibly other 11g versions

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