Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My failed Google Glass experience

At the Collaborate 14 conference, @hdost lent me his Google Glass to try out for a bit.

AHMED: Okay Glass. Call John Doe. (I tried someone I knew was in his address book.)

GOOGLE GLASS: (Nothing happened.)

AHMED: (I see a menu that is now giving me options of what to say.)

AHMED: Okay Glass. Make a call.

AHMED: Hey Harold, it says "Mom" here in the dropdown.

GOOGLE GLASS: (Starts dialing Mom.)

AHMED: Cancel!

AHMED: Google Glass cancel!

AHMED: Okay Glass, cancel call!!!

Fortunately, Harold quickly ended the call from his phone. It would appear I need a little more practice before trying it out in the real world!

I thought I was cool until I accidentally started dialing Harold's mom

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