Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Upgrading to OS X with Full-Disk Encryption

Today Apple released the latest version of OS X entitled Mavericks. Surprisingly I was able to get the download finished in no time. It's a good change of pace compared to most opening day downloads. Unfortunately when I got to the point of installing the operating system it got part way through the process and flashed an error "Unable to create recovery partition." Directing me to go to the The page noted that a recovery partition is not required may be for certain features to work.  My assumption was that the issue was with my full disk encryption.

What I needed to do was install mavericks from a thumbdrive. After I got the install from the App Store flashed onto the thumbdrive everything installed no problem. Below I have included links so that anyone else looking to upgrade their Mac to Mavericks is ready to go.


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