Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Add #Hashtags to your communications.

Whether Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you see the use of hash tags are ubiquitous on the internet. The purpose of these tags is just like any set of tags; provide a common link among separate messages which are related to a common topic. However, what's limiting us from using them in "normal" communication means.

I often find myself talking to people over different chat programs whether it be for personal or work communications and a lot of times there a multiple topics that spring up, sometime simultaneously. I might be responding to someone's last message and they could have just sent something. Now I could delete my entire message which continued the previous topic or just add a quick hashtag to the beginning using some word that's relevant. If I add the hashtag the person on the other end knows that I'm not responding to their new message which can make quite the difference.

Without Hashtags

A: There's a snake in my boot!

A: Aww, look at the cute baby! <Picture>

B: Beat it with a shovel!

A: How could say such things??!??

With Hashtags

A: There's a snake in my boot!

A: Aww, look at the cute baby! <Picture>

B: #snake beat it with a shovel!

A: Good idea *grabs shovel*

While this example seems a bit trivial and it could easily be cleared up there are often overlapping topics where someone may propose a few technical solutions or different ideas for what have you. All the while you may be away while still receiving all these messages. To make it easier all you have to do is use a hashtag representing each idea so that you can respond to them individually.

I know that it helps me, and I hope that it helps anyone who reads this.

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