Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Line Problems in Mule

While working in Mule ESB I had a request to make the output of one of the processes "pretty". This way in future if users needed to debugging didn't have to take the time to make all new lines and indentations themselves. The mule tool makes doing pretty print extremely easy using the <xml-prettyprinter-transformer>, however I hit a small issue. When I went to enter a new line I had issues. I was expecting that I could just use \n since that is stated in the documentation. I attempted many combinations #[mvel:\n] #[function:\n]. None of that seemed to work.

As it turns out I should have relied on my html and xml experience as it was an xml escape that I should have been doing. In my case I only needed a line feed so I used the &#xA; escape sequence.


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