Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Deploying a custom XPath function to OSB 11g

My book describes how to deploy custom XPath to Oracle SOA Suite 11g. This blog post describes how to do the same thing in OSB 11g.

1. Copy your JAR file (e.g., customXPathFunctions.jar) to:
2. Edit $MW_HOME/Oracle_OSB1/config/xpath-functions/osb-built-in.xml and add the properties of your particular XPath function (this is an example):
  <xpf:method>java.lang.String currentDateTime()</xpf:method> 
3. Edit $MW_HOME/Oracle_OSB1/config/xpath-functions/ and add the following (this is an example):
%FUNC_CURRENTDATETIME_COMMENT%=Returns current date time stamp. E.g. xp20:currentDateTime()
4. Restart the OSB managed servers after saving the changes

Application versions:
  • Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 11g (

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