Wednesday, December 19, 2012

JDeveloper Unit Testing: Fault Message

At one of my clients had an issue with the Test Suites running and timing out when performing call remotely using the ant-sca-test.xml, but they would run just fine when they were executed from Enterprise Manager.

I analyzed one of the troubled projects which had multiple unit test cases and isolated each one to see if it was an issue with a specific unit test. Luckily it was a single test case, the test case was asserting for a fault, with only the <xml-fragment/> tag in the XML field. I had a few observations around this issue.
1. When called using ant-sca-test.xml the process would always time out.
2. When called from Enterprise Manager the
3. When I viewed tests executed from Ant or EM they showed as passing and case of either they are doing so in mere seconds.

Unfortunately I was unable to come to a solution myself as it appeared to be a bug in the Oracle software. After I opened an SR and spent time going through the process of getting them information they were finally able to come up with the solution. The final solution was relatively simple. To assert a fault it must be part of the contract, which can also be said by that a fault needs to be one of the messages in the WSDL. For more information review the note.


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