Thursday, October 18, 2012

Transport Provider Errors

I was creating a new OSB, and using DB and File adapters, following the instructions from article 1149509.1 on the Oracle support site to the "T". However, when I attempted to publish the Project I was receiving an error from Eclipse:
!ENTRY 4 4000 2012-10-17 09:58:18.656
!MESSAGE Partial import error for:OSBIdentityConfigPOC

I checked through the various logs available to me, but only found more of the same message or nothing at all. To attempt a workaround I deleted the generated business service and wsdl, and published all the artifacts needed to create the business service. After that I found the .jca file in the OSB Console I attempted to generate the Business Service again and I received the following error from OSB Console:

WSDL and Service Resources can not be generated at this time, please try again. 
Reason: Validation of BusinessService OSBIdentityPOC/IdentityTableDBAdapter_db : Diagnostics for BusinessService OSBIdentityPOC/IdentityTableDBAdapter_db

ERROR: <0> Transport provider with id 'jca' is not registered. failed

This lead me to wonder why JCA wasn't available to me, since I didn't configure this particular server I wrongly assumed everything was as it should be. After spending some time looking through deployments I compared another server where there were no issues and the one in question. There were some inconsistencies, none of the Transport providers were targeting the admin server. After I updated the deployments and restarted the server my issue was solved. I could generate my business services and publish them to the server.

In the references I have linked to a list of how deployments should be targeted for an OSB server.


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