Monday, October 8, 2012

OOW 2012: Tuxedo for Java

As with many other products Oracle offers, Tuxedo is part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform; however it seems to be a step-child compared to all the emphasis around SOA Suite and ADF.  Since I didn't really know much about the product I attended a session talking about a Java API being added to the available technologies.  Tuxedo traditionally has been used for C/C++ and COBOL programs. Over time however many companies have taken focus off of using COBOL and C/C++ programs; as a result the employees responsible for the systems have moved into other spaces as well. In order to provide compatibility with current processes, but allow for the incoming developers who may not know C/C++ or COBOL to add to the code base Java services can now be used in Tuxedo.


BOF9292 - Develop Scalable, Highly Available Enterprise Services in Java with Oracle Tuxedo

Oracle Tuxedo is the #1 platform for mission-critical applications written in C/C++/COBOL. It is proven for its low-latency, high-throughput, highly available, scalable infrastructure and its out-of-the-box integration capabilities. With Oracle Tuxedo 12c, developers get all the benefits of the Oracle Tuxedo platform while developing new enterprise services in Java. Oracle Tuxedo 12c introduces a Java container that can coexist with C/C++/COBOL services and make it faster and easier to coordinate transactions across services written in various programming languages. Attend this highly interactive session to learn details about this exciting Oracle Tuxedo 12c feature and see it in action.


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