Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oracle SOA Suite 11g clustered installation is still complicated

The Oracle® Fusion Middleware Enterprise Deployment Guide for Oracle SOA Suite 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) E12036-01 details the installation and configuration of an "enterprise" deployment of SOA Suite 11g; namely, the installation of a 2-node cluster.

Granted we are gone with many of the problems that setting up the previous SOA Suite 10g cluster had, but I am once again unhappy with how it's done with SOA Suite 11g.

Take a look at the directory structure below.

Now honestly tell me if you understand how the shared vs. local directory structure should look like? As if the host names were not confusing enough in this document, I'm not happy how they sometimes refer to the domain as "soadomain" and other times "soaedg_domain".

No wonder companies often have to reach out to consulting partners to help them with their installation. I hope that Oracle one day provides a straightforward approach to clustering SOA Suite minus the complications. Experienced administrators can then customize or modify it to their architectural needs. But in its current shape and form, it is way beyond the ability of the average application administrator to install and configure.

Back in the 10g days, I developed an accelerated, single-click clustered installation for SOA Suite 10g and AIA Foundation Pack 2. You spent the majority of your time populating all details in a single property file... and that was it! See here for details. Oracle later on 'borrowed' this and published it as their own. Why can't they do something similar in 11g?

This complicated installation is great for consultants like myself, as it guarantees continuous work, but is at the expense of the customer.

Ahmed Aboulnaga

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Exalojo said...

Hi Ahmed, I fully agree with your comments. Though they have improved somewhatfrom 10g levels, the 11g product "EDG"s are still far from straightforward and comprehensible.
What astounds me the most if that they dive straight in at the deep end of the pool, instead of doing a "simple" -> medium -> advanced approach.
Good work for us consultants, but a pain for customers and ultimately a negative impact for Oracle sales no doubt. Same goes for the Oracle samples/demoes, which are far from useable mostly.