Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ReloadProcess in AIA Foundation Pack 11g

Sometimes, some composites show in an unknown state in Oracle SOA Suite 11g as shown by the clock image below:

This is due to one of the following reasons:
  • Coding issue
  • Infrastructure issue
  • Restart issue (if a composite references another composite but is loaded out of sequence, it may result in an unknown status) (you have no control over the order in which composites are loaded)


If it is not a coding issue, many times if you bounce, it would resolve the problem. If you have the Oracle AIA Foundation Pack 11g, the other option to consider before bouncing is to use the "ReloadProcess" to manually reload the process instead of having to wait 20 minutes to start up SOA Suite.

1. Log in to the EM console using your "weblogic" account

2. Expand Farm_soa_domain --> SOA --> soa-infra (soa_server1) --> default

3. Click on "ReloadProcess"

4. Click on the "Test" button

5. Choose "XML View" from the dropdown

6. In the payload, add the path of the deployed composite in the MDS as shown. For example:
7. Click on the "Test Web Service" button

8. When you navigate to the instance, you can confirm whether the reload process is successful

9. By navigating to the BPEL component, you will see that an embedded Java activity called 'ReloadFileFromMDS' was executed which successfully reloaded the process

Applicable Versions:
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g (11.1.1.x)

Ahmed Aboulnaga


Serafeim Karapatis said...

In SOA Suite there is no deployed process such as ReloadProcess. Is it now part of or comes from AIA Foundation Pack ?

Excellent work,
Serafeim (

Anonymous said...

Serafeim, you're correct and I clarified the post (thanks for bringing this up!).

This is deployed with the AIA Foundation Pack 11g and is not included as part of the default SOA Suite 11g install.

Anonymous said...

Could you share link or oracle document number describing this AIA FP utility?