Tuesday, March 15, 2011

File "<console>" when running wlst command 'upgradeJRF'


When upgrading to Oracle SOA Suite, we ran into the following error during one of the post-upgrade steps:
wls:/offline> upgradeJRF('/l01/apps/oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/soa_domain')
Traceback (innermost last):
File "", line 1, in ?
NameError: upgradeJRF


This is because you probably ran the wrong environment and/or wlst scripts.

WRONG: /u01/app/oracle/middleware/wlserver_10.3/server/bin/setWLSEnv.sh
RIGHT:    /u01/app/oracle/middleware/oracle_common/common/bin/setWlstEnv.sh

WRONG: /u01/app/oracle/middleware/Oracle_SOA1/common/bin/wlst.sh
RIGHT:    /u01/app/oracle/middleware/oracle_common/common/bin/wlst.sh
Follow the instructions below.

1. Before running wlst, make sure that you set your environment correctly.

cd /u01/app/oracle/middleware/oracle_common/common/bin 
2. Make sure that you run wlst from the correct location.
3. Then execute the "upgradeJRF" command:

Applicable Versions:

  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g (

Ahmed Aboulnaga


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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

On Windows while editing the path in WLST use / instead of \.

Unknown said...

wls:/base_domain/serverConfig> sca_deployComposite('http://localhost:7005','/home/linux/Desktop/sca_HelloWorldComposite_rev1.0.jar',partition='wlst_part')
Traceback (innermost last):
File "", line 1, in ?
NameError: sca_deployComposite

Unknown said...

am using Oracle SOA12.1.3 and weblogic12.1.3

Ahmed Aboulnaga said...

The port you specified needs to be that of the SOA server, not the AdminServer. Also, make sure you are using the WLST script located in the directory below.

localhost@oracle:/home/oracle> export MW_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/middleware

localhost@oracle:/home/oracle> export ORACLE_HOME=$MW_HOME/soa

localhost@oracle:/home/oracle> $ORACLE_HOME/common/bin/wlst.sh


wls:/offline> connect()

sca_deployComposite("http://localhost:7005", "/home/linux/Desktop/sca_HelloWorldComposite_rev1.0.jar", true, user="weblogic", password="welcome1", partition="wlst_part")

Kaustav Das said...

Is there a way to use sca_deployComposite() method using HTTPS server URL ?