Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UPGAST-02003 and MDS-00912 when running psa to upgrade to SOA Suite 11gPS3


When upgrading to Oracle SOA Suite, there are a series of post-upgrade tasks that must be performed. This involves shutting down the AdminServer and soa_server1 managed servers, and running what is called as the "psa" or "Patch Set Assistant". This script eventually upgrades your database schemas to the versions.

You will probably run "psa"on both the MDS and ORAINFRA schemas.

When running it for the MDS schema:

oracle@/u01/app/oracle/middleware/home_11g/Oracle_SOA1/bin> ./psa -dbType Oracle -dbConnectString //soasandbox:1521/orcl -dbaUserName sys -schemaUserName DEV_MDS
The output is as follows:
Oracle Fusion Middleware Patch Set Assistant

Enter the database administrator password for "sys":
Enter the schema password for schema user "DEV_MDS":
Log file is located at: /u01/app/oracle/middleware/home_11g/Oracle_SOA1/upgrade/logs/psa2011-01-25-01-23-08AM.log
UPGAST-02003: schema is not registered in schema version registry: "DEV_MDS"  Exhausted Resultset
The command failed to complete successfully
I can't remember which log file showed me the following error:
<Jan 24, 2011 11:51:47 PM EST> <Error> <oracle.mds> <BEA-000000> <
oracle.mds.lcm.exception.MDSLCMException: MDS-01330: unable to load MDS configuration document
MDS-01329: unable to load element "persistence-config"
MDS-01370: MetadataStore configuration for metadata-store-usage "soa-infra-store" is invalid.
MDS-00912: MDS repository is incompatible with the middle tier. Repository version "" is older than minimum repository version "" required.


In my case, I noticed that the OWNER and MRC_NAME was incorrectly set for some odd reason. This may have been related to incorrectly running an OEM Agent script against this database.
SQL> SELECT comp_id, comp_name, version, status, mrc_name, owner FROM schema_version_registry;

COMP_ID    COMP_NAME                      VERSION    STATUS      MRC_NAME   OWNER
---------- ------------------------------ ---------- ----------- ---------- ---------------
BAM        BAM Services          VALID       DEV        DEV_ORABAM
MDS        Metadata Services     VALID       SYSMAN     SYSMAN_MDS
ORASDPM    SDP Messaging         VALID       DEV        DEV_ORASDPM
SOAINFRA   SOA Infrastructure Services VALID       DEV        DEV_SOAINFRA
1. Log in as SYSTEM to the database.

2. Run the following command:
UPDATE system.schema_version_registry$
SET    mrc_name = 'DEV', owner = 'DEV_MDS'
WHERE  mrc_name = 'SYSMAN' AND owner = 'SYSMAN_MDS';
3. Rerun the "psa".

Applicable Versions:
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g (

  • http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17904_01/doc.1111/e16793/patch_set_installer.htm#CHDCDHHC


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Thank you for this great clue!

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i want use soa version what patch i should install.

Anonymous said...

What operating system are you on? And what version are you currently at?