Friday, December 31, 2010

Discovering SOA Suite 11g with OEM Grid Control 11g

After installing the OEM Grid Control 11g Management Server (refered to as 'OMS'), you probably want to install the OEM Grid Control Agent on your SOA Suite 11g server so that you can start monitoring it.

There are 2 cases you should consider.

OEM Agent installed on same host as the WebLogic Administration Server

1. Login to the OEM Grid Control console (e.g., http://server:port/em)

2. Click Targets

3. Click Middleware

4. From the Add list, select Oracle Fusion Middleware/WebLogic Domain and click Go

5. Specify the Administration Server Host, Port, Username, Password, Unique Domain Identifier (any unique name), and keep Agent as default, then click Continue
6. Click on Add Targets then Close then OK

7. Navigate to the WebLogic Server target, right-click on the domain, and select the Refresh WebLogic Domain option from the menu

OEM Agent not installed on same host as the WebLogic Administration Server

Keep in mind that Oracle documentation states that if you are "using a remote agent which may be running on a host that is different from the host on which the Administration Server is running... you may not be able to perform certain operations like instance tracing and viewing recoverable instances."

1. Manually discover Oracle WebLogic Managed Server (see steps above)

2. Copy the following files to your server:
3. Create the directory on your Agent home and copy the JARs to it:
mkdir -p $AGENT_HOME/sysman/jlib/extjlib directory 
cp soa-infra-mgmt.jar $AGENT_HOME/sysman/jlib/extjlib directory
cp oracle-soa-client-api.jar $AGENT_HOME/sysman/jlib/extjlib directory
4. Navigate to the WebLogic Server target, and select the Refresh Domain option from the menu

Refer to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Getting Started with Oracle Fusion Middleware Management 11g Release 1 ( documentation (link below) for additional information.

Applicable Versions:
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g (11.1.0.x)
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g (11.1.1.x)


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