Friday, October 22, 2010

Modifying Audit Levels in Oracle SOA Suite 11g

A colleague stated that he is unable to view his payload in the instances in Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

What needs to be done is set the Audit Level. You can set the Audit Level to apply to the entire server, or it can be apply to an individual composite.

Setting the Audit Level for all composites:

1. Log in to the EM console at http://server:port/em

2. Expand SOA on the left, and right-click on soa-infra (soa_server1)

3. Select SOA Administration --> Common Properties

4. Change the Audit Level to either Off, Production, or Development

Setting the Audit Level for a single composite:

1. Log in to the EM console at http://server:port/em

2. Expand SOA on the left

3. Expand soa-infra (soa_server1)

4. If using or higher, expand your partition (e.g., default)

5. Click on your composite

6. On the right, click on the dropdown Settings and choose Composite Audit Level

7. You can choose to set the Audit Level for this composite. If you choose Inherit, it will default to what the server is set to. Otherwise, you can override it by choosing Off, Production, or Development.



Anonymous said...

Is there any way this can be done by wlst? Or, if values are stored in the DB, can you point out what must be changed there?
I'm referring to changing the audit level from Production to Development and selecting Capture composite instance state.

Ronald van Luttikhuizen said...

You could add the line Production to your composite.xml


Ronald van Luttikhuizen said...

XML parsing messed up the previous comment.

Should be:

[property name="auditLevel" many="false"]Production[/property]

and the replace the "[" and "]" with XML tags

Ahmed Aboulnaga said...

Ronald is correct.

Another option is to simply add the following to your composite.xml file:

<property name="auditLevel" many="false">Inherit</property>

Acceptable values are: Inherit, Off, Development, Production

Note that once you deploy your composite project to the server, whatever audit level you set in composite.xml takes effect, regardless of what the server audit level is set to. However, once your composite is deployed, you can override it on the console by manually setting the composite audit level.

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