Friday, November 20, 2009

Scripted install for an Oracle SOA Suite 10g (10.1.3) cluster

Around a year ago, I wrote scripts that would allow you to silently install Oracle SOA Suite 10g as a 2-node cluster. Manual intervention is reduced by 95% (I would have reduced it by 100% if not for bugs in the silent installer).

For those who have installed Oracle SOA Suite in High Availability per the Oracle® Application Server
Enterprise Deployment Guide 10g Release 3 knows that the installation and configuration takes time (often a full day or more) and is loaded with endless manual steps.

My scripts takes away all the manual effort.

Completing the installation of a functioning 2-node SOA Suite cluster can be completed in 60 minutes.

Here is a small portion of the property file you must set up.

    # Parent directory of scripts

    # Location of install software

    # User/Group owner

    # Hostname of this server

    # Used to create staticports file for installer


If you would like a copy of these scripts, please contact me via the 'Contact me' link on

A few things worth noting:

  • The scripts work perfect, but there is redundant and/or messy code in some areas.
  • Currently it installs a 2-node Oracle SOA Suite 10g cluster on Red Hat Linux, but can be modified to support later versions or additional nodes.
  • There are bugs in the Oracle Application Server and Oracle Web Services Manager silent installers that require the GUI installer to be used in a few steps (see
I am still doing some minor cleanup to them, so my response may be slow.

Update on 2009-12-01:
The scripts can be downloaded from here.

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sandra said...

Beware of the delegation rules!
By default they are stored in a local file instead a database.

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